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Below you can get acquainted with some of our skilled interpreters, who are passionate about the profession.


Phuong is one of our interpreters who's had the longest experience in the profession, and is one of several Vietnamese interpreters in North Tolk. She wanted to work in the interpreting sector to help other people understand each other.

"I want to help other Vietnamese to understand Norwegian culture, it's fun to be able to use my own language to help others."


Alij from Iraq interprets in Arabic and Kurdish, where he specializes in law. He fled from war in his homeland at just 17 years old. As a refugee, he sees the importance of helping other people and wants to make a difference for others when he is translating.

"Helping people in need gives me a good feeling. It's important to me that the customer feels they have confidence in what I translate for them."

Our ambition is to be the best in the industry.

We put quality and delivery first, which is why we recruit the foremost interpreters with a high professional level.

Atle Grønås, Managing Director of Nord Tolk

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